The Mission

Before going any further into this site, please grab a fresh growler of a Vermont microbrew, a scotch rocks, or (and) the uplifting substance of your choosing, and walk barefoot through the cool dirt and grass, and head down to the end of the dock of your mind, take a seat, and dangle your feet in the waters of any great friendship you’ve ever had.

Start talking.  This is what the authors of this site are doing.

These moments of feeling at ease with yourself and others, sharing stories, fears, and laughter is why this site exists.

We want to feel good, great, and wonderful, but as it turns out, no one and nothing makes that easy for you.  And so, like you, we struggle with that goal – to feel, good, great, and wonderful.   Sometimes we nail it.  Other times, we don’t.  The writing you will find here is a record of our hits and misses.

All three of us share the desire to express something honest and true through writing.  In that attempt, we are trying to connect with you, but also ourselves, and each other.  In some of our posts, we will try to make you laugh.  In others, we are actively trying to figure out some element of ourselves or this world that warrants further thought.  And sometimes, I am not sure what we are doing, because that seems about right.

The three of us, like any real friends, don’t need to pretend around each other.  We can be ourselves – regardless of how ugly, bizarre, and unfinished that form might take.  We love each other and as we get older, I think, maybe, we get closer to understanding what loving something or someone, even ourselves, means.

This is what we would talk about at the end of the dock.   Have a drink with us and enjoy the water.

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