The Wonderful Jeff Camaro

I am interested in writing because I believe that the act of creation is what gives meaning to life.

There are many other reasons that I do it. It can be therapeutic to dredge up the junk that inhabits the muck of my brain. To hose it down and present it to the world in hopes that describing it truthfully will make it go away. Or will help someone else who has the same junk, or at least help me connect to someone else who has the same junk, so we won’t feel so lonely.

But mostly I’m interested in the act of creation.

During my senior year in college, I asked my favorite professor how he decided to become a professor. He seemed fascinated by his work and happy. He had tried being a lawyer once, he said, like his father. For him, it came down to a simple question. “What do I want to think about all day?” For him, that wasn’t navigating a corporate law firm. It was Gothic, Ghosts, and Horror, and other crazy topics in American Literature.

I love my job. But what I’m really thinking about, oftentimes, is something else entirely.  And that’s what I plan to write about here.

I’m looking forward to collaborating with Trevor and Andrew.

Trevor is a train wreck. He’s an enormous red-headed beast with the body of a construction worker and the soul of an artist. He is a first class asshole. He is also honest and sweet and passionate. It’s a very unlikely and confusing combination.

When I was a little kid, a preschool teacher reassured my mother that Still Waters Run Deep. Sometimes I think that Andrew embodies this maxim even more than I do. He is quiet and gentle and profoundly thoughtful. He is the kindest person I have ever met. His ears stick out a little and he’s terrified of losing his hair, but other than that he’s a pretty solid guy.

My friends are exceptional. When we are together, we think about things worth thinking about all day.

Together we will create something extraordinary.

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